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Mike Burns: Mike is a business development, marketing and business strategist in the healthcare direct response and digital agency industry, supporting the healthcare vertical. As an executive sales leader for Wunderman St. Louis and Wunderman Health, Mike has led national sales efforts that have increased sales productivity, improved market share, accelerated revenue performance and delivered bottom-line profit results.

As a customer engagement agency, Wunderman Health, delivers data and analytics driven direct response and digital communications to individuals that result in increased enrollment, higher levels engagement and retention, and healthier behaviors. Wunderman Health drives these positive outcomes for health insurance, healthcare providers, population health management, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies.


Matt Fagin, Chief Executive Officer: Matt became CEO of SanusEO in July of 2016.  He is part of the Detalus Consulting team, helping to grow the practice and provide business development efforts firm-wide. Building upon his education in finance, Matt started his career in commercial banking for Commerce Bank in 1991. He went on to become Vice President of Commercial Lending at Allegiant Bank in 1996 and Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending at Irwin Bank in 2001. More recently, Matt became a licensed real estate agent in Missouri and Illinois and has been a  private real estate investor and broker with the team at Central Realty for the past ten years. He is also an investor, mentor, and advisor for several small companies.



Sterling Short:  Sterling Short is a co-founder of Santé, a company created by partners who share a vision to revolutionize the senior housing and health care industry through the creation of innovative services and facilities that focus on the dignity and improved quality of life for seniors.
As the Vice President of Strategic Planning, Sterling oversees the tactical business plan for Santé from the creation of new state-of-the-art facilities to creation of a complete post-acute care delivery networks under Santé Care Connect in all of the markets we serve. Under his leadership and business plan, Santé became an Awardee Convenor under the Bundled Payment Care Improvement Model 3 Program administered by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services. This program continues to propel Santé as an industry leader in post-acute care providing Santé a substantial competitive advantage over its competitors as well as securing Santé’s future in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.
Sterling has specialized in senior housing and healthcare since 1993. As a principal of Tellatin, Short & Hansen, Inc., a leading valuation and consulting firm specializing in seniors housing and healthcare since 1984, he has provided consulting services on more than 1,500 market study, feasibility and valuation assignments throughout United States. Mr. Short is designated as an MAI by the Appraisal Institute.
In 1987, Mr. Short earned his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and English, from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.


dana fowlerDana Fowler, Founder/Chief Innovation Officer:  Dana is a proven business builder and successful entrepreneur in the digital marketing space. Dana is a pioneer in consumer-based mobile application development solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

She uses her experience in both marketing and technology to create successful programs that benefit people. Her understanding of how people actually use their mobile phones and how to motivate people with words and pictures has made her uniquely qualified to move into the fastest growing industry in the U.S. today…. mobile health or mHealth as it is often called.

It was while running a mobile campaign for another client that she got the idea for a mobile health line of products that became a reality with the founding and growth of SanueEO (formerly known as HealthyMe Mobile Solutions). Product development continues to be a primary role at SanusEO.

Previously, Dana has led innovation in different, but related, industries throughout her career. First as an innovator in television news (which included a nationally award winning documentary in the former Soviet Union), then as a first adopter of web-based solutions. Dana has led digital marketing at both the corporate and agency levels before starting her own digital marketing company, Media Flashpoint. At Media Flashpoint, Dana was among the first in St. Louis to move into mobile technologies.

Dana is also a published writer in the use of social media and mobile technologies in healthcare.