SanusEO engagement and intervention platform triggers behavior modification at critical points in transition care saving healthcare dollars while improving patient outcomes.  SanusEO is an mHealth company, offering mobile texting and web services to support population health management and help improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

PEP Image

Our proprietary Patient Engagement Platform (PEP), supports healthcare providers, patients and payers by providing care teams with daily alerts and access to real-time participant program data for both immediate and long-term intervention planning.  SanusEO’s platform is standalone, scalable and low-cost.  Adoption is fast and easy for care teams as well as for program participants.

Patient centered and focused on chronic disease, SanusEO’s mobile texting programs trigger behavior modification in five key areas:

  1. Medication adherence
  2. Monitoring of vitals
  3. Diet
  4. Physical Activity
  5. Communication with healthcare providers

Our products include: